The Future of Mars Exploration

RoveCrest is an engineering design team at the University of California, Davis dedicated to building a Mars Rover for competition at the annual University Rover Challenge. Hosted by the Mars Society, the concept of this challenge entails building a rover that could work alongside human researchers on the Red Planet, a cause that we at RoveCrest are committed to working towards.

Founded in the academic year of 2019-2020, RoveCrest was conceived as a multidisciplinary team where students from all majors and fields of interest could pursue their passion for space exploration. Last year, we successfully cleared the first stage of the competition, and as the club progresses into its second year, we aim to improve and iterate upon our initial designs to build a robust rover that can win the competition and contribute to humanity's space effort, making strides into the next frontier of space exploration one wheel at a time.

Rover 3D Render

A render of our structures and suspension design

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As a student design team, our goal is not only to build a great final product, but also to give UC Davis students a place to apply what they've learned by joining and working with a subteam that fits their interests in their field of study. Whether you are interested in the sciences, engineering, computer science, or business and marketing, RoveCrest has a place for you to gain experience, learn, and grow more knowledgable and confident in your own skills.

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RoveCrest's 2020-2021 recruitment period ran from June 2020 to September 2020.